Place: Original Yuriage Wharf Morning Market, Yuriage Jr High,
Former Yuriage Community Hall

Yuriage Wharf Moring Market was held only this day at original place for memory to start everything up again. We had decorated Yuriage Jr High school with Picture Lanterns, sending paper balloons up paying the tribute of people killed by the Tsunami of the Tohoku Earthquake.
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Yuriage Wharf Moring Market Memorial events

Floating Lanterns and Requiem Fireworks, successfully completed
August 13, 2011 at Yuriage Junior High School

The lanterns were safely poured together with the helps from the volunteers who came from all over the country and the local volunteers. On the day, there were no disasters such as an earthquake which it was worried. Although it was hot, the sky was clear and the lanterns and fireworks looked really beautiful. Since the accident was worried to happen, there were request from the police that those who can actually look at the lanterns were restricted to 500 persons. However, all visitors could watch the floating lanterns, from the ground of the junior high school by using the large screen which was prepared. Thank you very much for warm support and the cooperation.
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