3.11 YURIAGE Gathering
Place: Original Yuriage Wharf Morning Market, Yuriage Jr High, Former Yuriage Community Hall

Yuriage Wharf Morning Market
(having it on original place only on this day)

3.11 had totally destructed Yuriage Wharf Morning Market original place. Still, it has opened in two weeks at AEON MALL Natori Parking every Sunday Morning.

On 3.11 2012, the Market had opened on original place. At 6 am, there were full of people.

Morning Market original place
People had a cup of coffee at entrance. First Yuriage Fisherman’s Drum
started stage show.
Fish like salmon and shells and etc. Everything seemed so nice!

Lots of shops not only sea things.

At Former Yuriage Community Hall, people could get on the balloon. That was awesome.
Gentle wind, nice ballooning. Some were so excited to yelling

From Kobe which also had a big earthquake years ago, people brought us
special food of Kobe Beef. They also had Baumkuchen, German type of cake for free.

From Akita, we had lots special local foods like noodles, Okonomiyaki, Curry.

Here’s from Yamagata, also delicious local foods.

This is Gyoza, Chinese Dumpling.
It’s very popular at this Market.
5th anniversary.
Fine sweets!!
Muffins, scones, quiches.
Ladies couldn’t miss it probably.

Here comes a B-Class Gourmet of Naroti.
Fried Sasakama.
Yuriage boiled Chinese dumpling with Kimchee.
This is one of Morning Market dish.

Lots of people loved Sasakama grill by self. Volunteers gave some advice to
grill, which made good ones. Making brings good eating. So many people
seemed to buy Sasakama to go.

From 9:30, biggest tent started the stage performances. Full of people, full of smiles.


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