Natori city (population 70,000) in Miyagi prefecture suffers heavy damage from the Tohoku Earthquake. The tsunami washed away everything of Yuriage area, and almost 1,000 persons are dead or missing.
This project was inaugurated as one of the Natori Tourism Association's projects. It challenges to revive Natori city by the tourism.


[May 26, 2011] Director's Meeting of Natori Tourism Association
It was decided by the directors that almost all public business plans canceled, because city officials do not have any time to spare for tourist industry. They had a lot of other works, such as care for victims, reconstruction of fishery harbor, vast paperwork, etc.
However, some members of Natori Tourism Association stood up to the adversity. They drew up plans for tourism and got going to carry out it as volunteers.

[June 6, 2011] The General Assembly of Natori Tourism Association
The plan was approved by Organization, and the project started.


It was already June when the project began. Usually, the preparation of the summer festival in August had been completed in this season.
"What we can do from now?" We have discussed what we want to achieve.
It should be extraordinarily difficult to carry out all ideas we planned. It is not easy to held even only one plan.
We have no time. But nobody opposed to the project. "As hard as we can do, let's try!" Our hearts are always one.

"We want to revive Natori.
We must not lose the town of Yuriage."


The Project to revive Natori by tourism