3.11 YURIAGE Gathering
Place: Original Yuriage Wharf Morning Market, Yuriage Jr High, Former Yuriage Community Hall

“Prayers & Ties”

The shape of the candles looked circles and curves. But once you watch it carefully, it shows two men by them. Each one are connected, which means the ties of people. Upper right of 3.11, means prayer, below 3.11 is the letter of ties. All of them show the tribute of people who died.
Watch details here.

1,000 Hand-made Picture Lanterns

People who lost their families and ones living in temporary housings drew pictures and messages. And we had drawings from overseas. These drawings changed into Picture Lanterns around the school. Thanks to a fund, this project could hire some sufferers.

3,000 ordered Lanterns

The Lanterns show the words, “thought (past)”, “prayer (present)”, “hope (future)”, and “NATORI”. It is by a master Takahashi who teaches calligraphy in Natori. It says our feeling from the past to the future.

500 Bamboo lanterns

These are the Bamboo Lanterns from volunteer group in Kobe. They are used in a memorial of the Great Hanshin Earthquake.
We also have about 200 Lanterns from Medeshima, Natori. People wrote their thought in the bamboos.

2,000 Candles

Yuriage Jr High graduates collected 2,000 candles. Lots of personnel and companies supported this.

70 choir, Gospel for Yuriage

One day choir from all over Japan.

Buddhism prayer

32 monks volunteered to pray.

Yayoi Tokae ,Fire Prayer

For the memory of people killed by the Tsunami, we blew up the paper balloons. They went up to high up the sky with strong wind, which were as if someone were leading them.


The Project to revive Natori by tourism