Collecting drawings for Picture Lanterns.

The Project to Revive Natori by Tourism is planting 3,000 seedlings of cherry tree as a new tourist attraction. We are waiting for your support.

We need so many drawings as you can see the photos. We'd like to collect drawings. Please join us.

Here’s in detail.
Wanted Drawings and messages for the tribute of the victims.
Or drawings and messages praying happy life and hopes.
Paper Paper: Japanese paper or thin one
Size: 257mm× 182mm
If you don’t have the size of paper, please download the format below. Cut the paper along with thick rectangle and draw inside the thin line.
Paper Format
*Long sides would be vertical.
Closing date 7th March, 2012
Place to send The project to revive Natori by tourism
51-2, Takayanagi, Shimonishi, Natori, Miyagi,
981-1211 JAPAN
Tel: +81-22-385-1593
*Please note “DRAWNGS INSIDE” on the envelope.
  • If you admit to show who write it, please put some memo noting messages and your organization names or person who write. We can make a list on this page.


The Project to revive Natori by tourism